Terms and Conditions


Financial hardship is often unexpected, can be short or long-term, and often comes as a result of a change in personal circumstances, such as injury, illness, loss of income, domestic violence or a death in the family.

For the purpose of this Hardship Policy, Financial Hardship is defined as a situation where a Fremantle Dockers Member wants to continue with their Fremantle Dockers Membership, but is not in a financial position to, or is otherwise prevented or inhibited from doing so due to undergoing a sudden change in circumstance which has resulted in temporary financial difficulty. Financial Hardship cases are not all alike and should be addressed on a case by case basis in a fair, equitable and consistent manner.


Members facing circumstances of Financial Hardship may qualify for special assistance.

To discuss financial relief please contact Fremantle Dockers Membership Support on (08) 9433 7111. Please note that all formal requests for financial relief must be made in writing to the Fremantle Dockers membership email – membership@fremantlefc.com.au. Our priority will be to find a solution that meets your needs.

Eligibility for refunds will be assessed on a case by case basis according to the value of benefits already received at the date of the request.

Members applying for financial relief may be asked to provide supporting documentation. Supporting may include (amongst other things:

  • Confirmation from Centrelink that the member is receiving some form of financial assistance from Centrelink, due to an adverse impact on their employment.
  • Supporting documentation that verifies that the member has suffered Financial Harship i.e. loss of assets statement, bank statement etc.

Options available in instances of Financial Hardship include:

  1. Ability to downgrade your Membership to a more affordable membership category.
  2. Request to pause monthly payments via the FREO Advantage Payment Plan, until you are financially back on track.
  3. Partial refunds of your Membership.
  4. Request to adjust interim payment terms, including due dates for payment.

Financial Hardship can impact Fremantle Dockers members and their families, as such Fremantle Dockers Management will thoroughly consider each Financial Hardship application on its merits.


All applications for Financial Hardship received by the Club under this Policy will be treated in accordance with the FFC Privacy Policy, which is available here.